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The EigenD Reference

You are advised to read the Introduction_to_EigenD before using this reference. Each Agent in the EigenD system is described in detail here and it's Ports, Belcanto Nouns and Verbs are fully documented.

EigenD Agents

  • AHDSR - EigenD's built-in envelope generator Agent
  • Alpha Manager - the Agent responsible for managing the Alpha and Tau keyboard
  • Arranger - EigenD's built-in "step sequencer" Agent
  • Audio - the EigenD Agent which deals with producing audio
  • Audio Unit - the Agent which acts as a host for Audio Unit and VST plug-ins
  • Cello Oscillator - the built-in 'Cello physical model
  • Clarinet Oscillator - the built-in Clarinet physical model
  • Clicker - the EigenD Agent which provides the Metronome 'click' sound
  • Console Mixer - the Agent which acts as a 24 channel console-style mixer responsible for volume and pan of instruments plus effect sends (includes article on Console Mixer Channels and Console Mixer Effect Channels)
  • Convolver - EigenD's convolution engine Agent
  • Cycler - the EigenD Agent responsible for damping and polyphony management
  • Delay - the built-in Delay effect
  • Drummer - the Agent which plays Apple Loops within EigenD
  • Fingerer - the Agent that enables wind style fingerings using groups of keys
  • Gain - EigenD built-in Gain Agent
  • Illuminator - The Agent that allows for setting up lighting patterns on the instrument keyboard
  • Interpreter - EigenD's Belcanto interpreter
  • Keyboard - the Agent which represents the Eigenharp Keyboard
  • Keygroup - the Agent which allows for the division of the Eigenharp Keyboard (includes information about Courses)
  • Ladder Filter - the built-in low pass filter Agent
  • Metronome - the built-in Metronome Agent
  • MIDI Clock - the Agent used to convert EigenD clock signals into MIDI clock data
  • MIDI Converter - the Agent used to convert EigenD signals into MIDI information
  • MIDI Input - the Agent used to receive MIDI data and process within EigenD
  • MIDI Output - the Agent used to route EigenD MIDI signals to MIDI ports
  • Player - the Agent which generates simple key presses.
  • Ranger - the Agent used for manipulating and transforming signals within EigenD
  • Recorder - this Agent records all your performance information
  • Rectangle Oscillator - EigenD's built-in rectangular-wave oscillator plug-in
  • Sampler Oscillator - the built-in Sampler plug-in
  • Sawtooth Oscillator - the built-in Sawtooth Oscillator plug-in
  • Scaler - the Agent which provides scale, tonic, octave and frequency information
  • Scheduler - the Agent which deals with scheduling Eigend events (e.g. recorded takes)
  • Shaper - the Agent used for breath controller compression
  • Sine Oscillator - the built-in Sine Oscillator plug-in
  • Stringer - the Agent responsible for providing monophony in EigenD
  • Strummer - the Agent that allows courses of keys to be controlled by breath or other keys
  • Summer - the Agent used for summing signals within EigenD
  • Talker - the Agent used for saying Belcanto¬†phrases when keys on the keyboards are pressed
  • Triangle Oscillator - the built-in Triangle Oscillator plug-in

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