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Welcome to the Eigenlabs Wiki.

This Wiki uses Markdown syntax.


  • The EigenLabs Wiki can be viewed by anyone.
  • However, you will need to be a registered user to edit or create new articles.


  • To create links to other pages on the Wiki, put the title of the page inside square brackets e.g. [[Custom Scales]] (if you replace the underscore with a space the link will still work, but will look a bit nicer).
  • The tick icon on the far right hand side of the editor toolbar will display a preview of your text with basic formatting.
  • To create an internal link, use the following format [Your text to link here...](/contact/ "Tooltip..."). NB. If you copy and paste a URL from the toolbar, make sure you remove the prefix.
  • To insert an image, start by adding it as an attachment to the page (you will need to Save the page before you can add an attachment). When you have added the attachment, it can be added to the page using the Attachment button on the editor toolbar.


The Sample section below shows simple examples of formatting. The samples are arranged in the same order as the buttons on the editor toolbar.

heading one  

heading two  

### heading three

#### heading four

##### heading five

###### heading six

**Bold Text**

_Italic Text_

- Bulleted List Item One
- Bulleted List Item Two
- Bulleted List Item Three

1. Numbered List Item One
1. Numbered List Item Two
1. Numbered List Item Three

Colour   | Total
-------- | --------
Red      | 25
Green    | 34
Orange   | 101

[Click here to contact EigenLabs...](/contact/ "Tooltip...")


The Belcanto tag is a simple space separated list of words e.g:

[[belcanto:scale to major set]]

135 23 4153 67
scale to major set

The tag also has an option to display notes. The notes are a series of numbers with "-raw" appended e.g:

[[belcanto:conversation 56-raw remember]]

288 56 148
conversation remember

The tag also recognises a special variable character. The character used for variables is a capital "X":

[[belcanto:scaler X hey]]

147 ? 5
scaler X hey

You can also define your own variable characters using the X-yourvariablehere tag:

[[belcanto: X to X-Y from X-Z colour ify]]

? 23 ? 113 ? 8782 74
X to Y from Z colour ify