About Eigenlabs

Eigenlabs is a start-up British innovation company, founded by internet entrepreneur John Lambert in 2001.

It all started in a barn on his Devon farm, with a small team of designers and programmers, some private finance, and a dream to make the world's most expressive electronic musical instrument. No-one said it would be easy, and it was four years before the Eigenharp made even its first sound. Launched in late 2009, the Eigenharp has already made waves in the music world and has some highly acclaimed early adopters.

Eigenlabs has so far attracted investment in excess of £10m. The company itself is highly technical and visionary, with an international team composed of outstanding individuals who excel in their fields.

Eigenlabs works with leading craftsmen in Devon, plus a wide range of UK based and international subcontractors.

Eigenlabs has developed a number of significant new technologies in the eight years of its research and development programme, resulting in a number of patents being filed for its core technology, a testimony to the very British spirit of invention at its heart.

Inside the Eigenharp Pico: