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MIDI Output


MIDI Output:


1215 125
midi output


The MIDI Output Agent is used to merge a desired set of EigenD MIDI streams and route them to a MIDI port within the operating system.


MIDI input

  • Name:

1215 116
midi input

  • Input
  • Type: Generic

The MIDI input is normally used to merge and receive all desired MIDI streams for output to a specific MIDI port.


MIDI Port:

A MIDI port within the MIDI Output Agent is the virtual object within EigenD which corresponds to the operating system's available MIDI ports. These can be browsed using the EigenBrowser - please see example below.




The 'choose' verb is used to select a MIDI port from the EigenBrowser (also occurs when 'tapping' in the EigenBrowser).


Before using the Belcanto commands below, please make sure you have the desired MIDI output within your conversation using

1215 125 ? 1131
midi output X listen

where X refers to the number of your desired MIDI output.

Browsing MIDI output ports

To browse MIDI output port, make sure you have the EigenBrowser open, and use the command

8777 5
eigenbrowser hey

1215 125 ? 1215 1822 413
midi output X midi port browse

where X is the number of your desired MIDI Output Agent.

Choosing a MIDI output port from the EigenBrowser

To choose a MIDI port which is currently selected in the EigenBrowser use the command

8777 8716 1215 125 ? 5
eigenbrowser , midi output X hey

414 122
selection choose

where X is the number of your desired MIDI Output Agent.

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