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The Eigenlabs Community and Support Wiki

Welcome to the Community Wiki Home page

The Eigenlabs Wiki is the place to find and share all your Eigenharp and EigenD information. You will find a mixture of official Eigenlabs documentation and community contributions here.

Wiki Categories:

The Official Documentation

  • Tutorials, Stage and the EigenD Agent Reference, as well as Workbench for version 2.0

The Instruments

  • Information, documentation and help about the specific Eigenharps

EigenD Setups

  • Information about Factory Setups, custom setups and help with them. If you've made a great setup, share it here!

Eigenlabs Support

  • Everything you need to know about Eigenlabs support.

EigenD Tips and HOWTO's

  • Useful EigenD Tips, Tricks and HOWTO's including working with MIDI and other software. If you've figured out how to solve a problem, do something neat or work around a problem, please share it with us all here.

Eigenharp Seminars

  • Everything you need for the Eigenharp Seminars including documentation, past broadcasts and information on future seminars.

The Before Buying FAQ

  • The most Frequently Asked Questions for people thinking of buying an Eigenharp.

The New Player FAQ

  • The most Frequently Asked Questions for new players of the Eigenharp.


  • Information for software developers who are working with with the EigenD Open Source release.

Win an Eigenharp Alpha Competition

  • View all the entries to the Win an Eigenharp Alpha competition

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