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Eigenlabs Official Documentation

This section includes all the general official documentation that covers EigenD and the overall Eigenharp system. Further learning resources (including a link to John Nolan's very useful EigenTab) and community contributions can be found in the tips and tricks section.

The Instruments

Instrument specific information, including details of the individual Factory Setups, downloadable versions of the instrument guides and other Alpha, Tau or Pico specific documentation.

Video Tutorials

Videos for the Pico, Tau and Alpha that show you all you need to know to get playing. These tutorials predate the introduction of Stage in EigenD, so remember to read the Stage docmentation below as well.

Introduction to EigenD

Introduces the key concepts of EigenD for those wanting to get into the details.

Configuring AudioUnit and VST plugins

Explains the steps involved when configuring AudioUnit and VST plugins to fully leverage the Eigenharp's expressiveness.

The Routing Matrix

The advanced MIDI routing options and configuration available in the AU/VST hosts and the MIDI out inside EigenD.


Our new configuration tool for creating advanced setups with ease. If you have the time well worth reading even if you don't own Workbench to gain a better understanding of the whole system.


Stage provides a graphical way to control EigenD setups in performance. You can build your own screen layouts to suit your playing style and it works over a network so you can control your computer from a distance, onstage.

Experimental Setups

Experimental setups have been created to provide access to new features and agents within EigenD.

The EigenD Reference

The EigenD Agent Reference - every individual Agent in detail.


Information about the musical language that can be used to configure and control EigenD while playing live.