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'Win an Eigenharp Alpha' Competition

Over the past few months Eigenlabs has run a competition to give Eigenharp Pico players the chance to win one of our flagship instruments, the Eigenharp Alpha. Entrants were asked to use the Pico in an original composition and upload it to YouTube to be judged. Each entrant had up to 6 attempts to submit a winning entry.

The judging panel comprised of film composer Hans Zimmer, Jazz Saxophonist Courtney Pine and the founder and creator of the Eigenharp John Lambert. The panels criteria assessed the use of the Pico, standard of composition and musicality of the performance.

We had a lot of great entries and all were to a very high standard. The panel had a very tough decision to make, so much so that they required more time to make their decision.

After much deliberation the judges winning entry was from Curtis Stansfield. His winning entry can be viewed here

Runner up prizes of Arturia's Software Synth collection went to Lukasz Piwek and Geert Bevin for their entries.

Honourable mentions were also given to Kayla Kavanagh, Piotr Chlipalski and Ireneusz Folusz for their entries and received a Eigenlabs laptop bag.

Thank you to all the entrants and keep making great music!

A full list of all the entries can be found below.

Curtis Stansfield (Winner)

Geert Bevin (Runner-up)

Lukasz Piwek (Runner-up)

Piotr Chlipalski and Ireneusz Folusz (Honourable mention)

Kayla Kavanagh (Honourable mention)

Mike Felker

David Henderson

Gareth Williams

Maggio Marc

Theodore Stone

Jose Silva

Benjamin van der Zalm

Stuart Wyatt

Carlos Toro