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The main body of the Eigenharp software is now Open Source software, released under the GPLv3. If you are interested this enables you to develop Agents, help fix bugs and contribute to the ongoing Eigenharp project.

There are a few things *not* released under the GPL.

  • The Pico Agent has some binary components that contain important DSP code connected with our sensor design that we have patent applications running on and do not intend to release. They represent a lot of R&D and investment for us and their absence makes little difference to the utility of the open source release.

  • Stage (the GUI application and IOS app) is not included. We may make a GPL release of this later, but the version will lag the main one we distribute by a year if we do. The backend Stage Agent is included, so all the OSC and XML/RPC functionality is included.

  • The upcoming Workbench is not included - we may also make an Open Source release to lag behind the commercial release later, but this is going to be a chargeable add on to EigenD to start with.

The main source code and needed binaries can be found here on Github. If you'd like to contribute code, we do need you to agree to our Contributors Agreement. This is derived from the Canonical one used for Ubuntu projects (by kind permission of Mark Shuttleworth). You can download it here link:Eigenlabs Contributor Agreement.pdf and you'll need to send it back unmodified to the email address at the bottom of the document, attached to an email giving your consent to it (you need to clearly state 'I agree in full to the attached Contributors Agreement' in the main body of the email) along with your full name, address and Eigenlabs username please.

There is a dedicated Forum area for Developers here.

We are building a Developers Guide.

Here is a guideline for Submitting Patches.

If you are interested in developing and Agent, or contributing to that process, here is a list of Suggested Agents along with some that are already in progress

We've started a catch-all repository for Contributed Projects. You can find out about it in EigenD Contrib

The EigenD DevCon 2012 was great fun and very productive. Here's a page that contains a growing list of information and documents through the Custom writing.