The most expressive electronic instrument ever made

Designed from first principles, the Eigenharp brings truly expressive musical performance to every musician. Its astonishing versatility, sensitivity and ease of use make it the most rewarding instrument you will ever play. Available in three models - the Alpha, Tau and Pico. The Eigenharp is the ultimate instrument for musical performance.

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Astonishing keys

The Eigenharp's 3D keys are amazingly sensitive - ten times more so than those on a conventional keyboard. They detect the movement of your finger to within a micron - sensing pressure for volume, side to side for effects and moving up down for pitch. It's also fully polyphonic, giving you the expressive power to put real feeling into every single note you play.


Layer multiple sounds, change key, scale and tempo, build beat arrangements live, record and loop as you play. Play all your favourite sampler and software instruments, AU's, apple loops, midi sounds and soundfonts. You can even control video playback and lighting. The possibilities are truly limitless.

More than just keys

Each Eigenharp offers a breath pipe connection and one or more strip controllers. These can be used to control any aspect of a sound - such as triggering notes and applying effects and filters. You can also attach pedals, headphones and a microphone. There are endless ways of controlling the sounds you make, right at your fingertips.

Completely individual

The Eigenharp is as unique as you are. Everything about the Eigenharp can be configured by you to suit the way you play and the kind of music you want to make. You can change the key layouts, instrument mappings, scales, how all the controls behave - just about everything in fact. Each Eigenharp comes with a generous set of bundled sounds. Our documentation and video tutorials will get you playing like a virtuoso in no time.

Alpha Keys

Please see our comprehensive FAQ page for answers to your most commonly asked questions

The Eigenharp - creating the future of music