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Eigenharp Tau

The Eigenharp Tau is the newest addition to the Eigenharp portfolio, filling the gap between the ultra-portable Pico and the professional level Alpha.

Around the size of an electric guitar, ideal for gigging. At less than half the price of the Eigenharp Alpha, the Tau brings the enormous expressive potential of the Eigenharp to within the reach of any musician. The Tau has a minimalist contemporary aesthetic, available in black and silver finishes.

With 72 main keyboard keys, 12 percussion keys, a strip controller and optional breath pipe it can do almost everything that its big brother, the professional level Eigenharp Alpha, can do - it uses exactly the same software system. Its keys are amazingly sensitive, to within a micron, the wavelength of light. Like the Alpha and the Pico, it plays a limitless range of sounds.

The Tau requires a Mac or Windows 7 computer to run. Click here for full software specification.

  • Eigenharp Tau.
  • Eigenharp Tau case by Hiscox.
  • Product Activation card for website support and tutorial materials.
  • Eigenharp standard base station.
  • Eigenharp standard base station power cable.
  • 6m Tau to Base Station connecting cable.
  • 2m Base Station to computer USB 2.0 connecting cable.
  • Eigenlabs laptop/Base Station and cables carry bag.
  • Eigenlabs 500Mb USB stick with the latest version of EigenD software for Mac and Windows 7.
  • Eigenlabs DVD with EigenD support materials including all media and sound files.


  • 84 playing keys in all, including;
  • 72 main keyboard keys.
  • 12 percussion keys.
  • 8 mode keys

Key Properties:

  • Sampled at 2000 samples/second, per key.
  • 10 bit (1024 values) resolution.
  • Sensitive to direct pressure and to lateral pressure in both directions.

1 Strip Controller:

  • Sampled at 2000 samples/second.
  • 10 bit (1024 values) resolution.

Headphone output:

  • 48 kHz sampling rate, 24-bit DAC Sigma-Delta.
  • Software programmable volume.
  • Mute, soft ramp and zero cross detection for volume adjustment.
  • SNR = 94 dB.
  • THD < 0.1% at 1 kHz, 30-Ohm load at -3 dBfs.
  • Up to 75 mW output on a 3.5 mm mini jack socket.

Tau Base Station:

  • USB 2 interface to host computer.

You can load and play your own Soundfonts, Audio Unit Plugins and Midi instruments with the Eigenharp Tau. In addition, the Tau comes with its own native instruments (at present a software model of a Cello, Clarinet and a Synth engine). The Tau also ships with a collection of loop libraries and several acclaimed instruments from our partners:

  • 1500 AIFF format (timestretch and tempo change capable) varied Percussion and Drum loops.
  • Sampletekk 'Black Grand Steinway D, sampled at 20+ levels in a 6 Gigabyte set that includes three recordings from dry to highly ambient.
  • Sampletekk 'Tubed Rhodes', a multi sampled Rhodes Electric Piano.
  • Sampletekk Tubed 'Wurli' electric piano in a Gigabyte multi sample set.
  • Camel Audio's Eigenlabs Player version of "Alchemy" - The ultimate sample manipulation synthesizer

We can currently ship to anywhere in the United Kingdom and the United States as well as all countries in the European Union. We are also aiming to ship to other countries worldwide once we have resolved the regulatory compliance issues.


  • Height 120cm (including breathpipe)
  • Height 116cm (excluding breathpipe)
  • Width 7.3cm
  • Depth 2.5cm
  • Weight 2.1kg

Laptop bag:

  • Length 35cm
  • Width 48cm
  • Depth 20cm
  • Weight 1.046kg

Base station:

  • Length 16.6cm
  • Width 17cm
  • Depth 5cm
  • Weight 1kg (excluding power supply and cables)
  • Weight 1.6kg (including power supply and cables)

Instrument Cable:

  • Length 6m
  • Weight 380grms
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