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EigenD Runtime 1.0.0

This installer contains all the runtime requirements for EigenD 1.2.5 and later.

The Windows drivers are not included, the latest version can be downloaded from the Resources Page.

This package also doesn't include any media resources like Sound Fonts, Drum Loops, Audio Units, Impulse Reponses, ... These can be installed through the separate Resources Package.

EigenD Windows Drivers 1.0.10

This package installs just the Windows Device Drivers for the Eigenharp instruments. If you're using EigenD without an Eigenharp, you don't need these drivers.

It can be used to update the currently installed drivers.

This is for Windows only: Mac OS X does not require a device driver.

Please note that Windows 7 SP1 contains some important USB bug fixes. You should use Windows Update to bring your system completely up to date.

1.0.8 or later is required by later 1.4 and all 2.x releases, and provides support for the Alpha Headphone interface under Windows.

The driver is backwards compatible: You can run earlier versions of EigenD with the new Driver.

1.0.10 contains bug fixes for Windows 7 and Windows 8, where the instruments were sometimes disconnecting during play.

EigenD Resources 1.0.12

This installer contains all the media resources for EigenD 1.2.5 and later. It includes Sound Fonts, Drum Loops, Device Drivers, various runtime libraries and Alchemy from Camel Audio.

You need to first install the EigenD Runtime package.

You can download the whole file as a complete (approximately 3Gb) image, or download it in 6 parts of approximately 700Mb each. If you download the sections, just click on the first part to reassemble the image.