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EigenD Pro 2.0.74-stable

If this is your first installation, you need to at least install the runtime package and possibly also the Eigenharp Windows drivers.

EigenD Pro 2.0.74 is the latest stable release of the Eigenharp operating software for Windows 7.0 and MacOS X. It is a major upgrade from the 1.4 series and contains many new features along with a significant number of bug fixes and stability improvements on all platforms.

EigenD Pro is now freely available at no charge and it provides all of the functionality needed for performance, including the networked control application Stag and all software instruments and EigenD Agents needed for a setup. EigenD Pro also includes the important new configuration tool, Workbench, which facilitates the extensive creation and customisation of setups in an intuitive graphical environment.

2.0 includes a number of important new features:

Several new EigenD Agents.

  • Strummer, which enables setups where one group of keys can act as 'strings' to be fingered and another group of keys can modulate those in the style of a plucked or strummed guitar. This Agent makes many new playing styles possible on the Eigenharp. It can also be used with the breath controllers, and new experimental setups are provided for players of the Alpha, Tau and Pico to explore the possibilities.
  • Fingerer, which enables the player to play using wind style, valved fingerings with the addition of polyphony, bringing new chromatic range and possibilities to the Pico in particular. By the simple editing of a text file players can also experiment with their own fingerings, and the fingerings provided as standard include some to make transitioning from the Sax or Clarinet easy. A new Pico experimental setup is provided for players to experiment with.
  • Illuminator, which provides extensive control over the lights on an Eigenharp, including the ability to control them via a Web interface and display scrolling messages during performance, along with the ability to create 'marker lights' on their keyboards to aid performance. The new experimental Strummer setup uses Illuminator to provide indicator dots for the Tau and Alpha in the style of the guitar.

In addition, 2.0 Base has a large number of performance improvements and changes designed to make the environment more powerful and useful to the musician, including new concepts in key layouts (separating the musical and physical arrangements of keys), improved speed and memory utilisation, multiple audio input/outputs and many smaller improvements in the handling and processing of performance data.

2.0 Pro contains Workbench, the new configuration and customisation tool.

It is no exaggeration to say that this tool represents a major advance for Eigenharp players and EigenD users, making the creation of highly customised setups easy and opening up a whole world of possibilities that was previously only accessible to the most technically inclined. The product of a three year development process, it contains a large number of features and has been extensively used and tested in the last year prior to our first stable release. The base EigenD system itself has had many improvements added to support Workbench, including the new Rigs, the separation of musical and physical key coordinates and hundreds of small improvements to individual Agents to help them work well in the new environment.

Several new top level setup categories have been created and all of the existing Eigenharp Factory setups, along with a number of new 'Experimental' and 'Example' setups have now been built from scratch using Workbench. It is now possible to create a basic playing setup in just a few minutes, and a series of tutorials to help players to do just that are provided as part of the now extensive online documentation.

Note that EigenD isn't signed for MacOSX Mountain Lion yet.

If your security preferences only allow applications from the Mac App store or from identified developers, you have two options to install the EigenD package. Either change your Security & Privacy setting in System Preferences or right-click on the package and select 'Open' from the popup menu, at this point the installation should proceed as normal.

This release has two versions for MacOS, one for Leopard (10.5) , and one for Snow Leopard (10.6) onwards.