EigenD Windows Drivers 1.0.10

This package installs just the Windows Device Drivers for the Eigenharp instruments. If you're using EigenD without an Eigenharp, you don't need these drivers.

It can be used to update the currently installed drivers.

This is for Windows only: Mac OS X does not require a device driver.

Please note that Windows 7 SP1 contains some important USB bug fixes. You should use Windows Update to bring your system completely up to date.

1.0.8 or later is required by later 1.4 and all 2.x releases, and provides support for the Alpha Headphone interface under Windows.

The driver is backwards compatible: You can run earlier versions of EigenD with the new Driver.

1.0.10 contains bug fixes for Windows 7 and Windows 8, where the instruments were sometimes disconnecting during play.

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