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What is new about the Eigenharp?

The Eigenharp has lots of great features combined in one instrument. First and foremost is the 3D technology used in the keys. The keys are not only incredibly sensitive, down to the width of a micron, but also detect movement in 5 directions - pressure for volume, side to side for effects and up down for pitch. This not only means no more modulation wheel but also allows you to control each note individually.

Other hardware features in the Eigenharp range includes strip controller(s) which can be used for pitch and effects and a breath pipe with a really fast sensor. This can be used by drawing and exhaling breath to articulate notes, much like a conventional wind instrument, but can also be used to control a wide variety of effects or filters.

The Eigenharp works in conjunction with our powerful software system called EigenD. This software not only contains drum loops, samples, effects and over 80 scales but also allows the musician to create their own loops using the 'Arranger', our step sequencer. The software also allows the user to customise the keyboard how they want for a truly unique playing experience.