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Voice Control Agent

An agent to allow the player to speak Belcanto phrases and have the system react.

Presume this will be used in Private Practice and Public Practice but not Public Performance (the noise/filtering aspects would be a nightmare)


  • listen input : a port that takes a key input that is held down to indicate the phrase is being spoken


  • belcanto output : the sequence of 'notes' to invoke the Belcanto phrase on the interpreter. This could be fed to an audio generator so you could listen to it too.

  • recognized out : a channel to carry recognized/not-recognized status data (which could be turned into lights or tones by another agent)

  • status out : a channel to carry success/fail data (which could be turned into lights or tones by another agent)

Development Status

I have a basic working version running independently of being an Agent that does decent recognition of Belcanto phrases. Dug out some old code and reworked it. Need to upgrade it to newer version and create a proper grammar and dictionary.

But there's a small issue with integrating it...I don't have an Alpha with a microphone to test it with :-(

Sadly, Geert pointed out how it could be done using the host's audio input (another excuse for acquiring an Alpha scuppered). See this wiki page on how to achieve it