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Using your own sounds with the Pico - Thursday 14th October 2010

Video Part One

  • What are SoundFonts and samplers?
  • What are Audio Units/VST plugins?
  • What are Physical Models?

Video Part Two

  • Loading in SoundFonts
  • Intro to Instrument/FX advanced controls
  • Downloading extra SoundFonts from Eigenlabs website.
  • Loading in Audio Unit / VST plugins

Video Part Three

  • Connecting controllers (strip controller, breath, key yaw, roll, pressure etc.) to parameters within an Audio Unit/VST plugin.
  • "relative mode" or "absolute mode" using the strip controller
  • Using 3rd party Audio Units/VST plugins

Video Part Four

  • User Questions

You will need your Quick Reference Guide to hand throughout this seminar. This is downloadable from here