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How do I clean my Eigenharp Alpha?

Your Alpha will develop character - as a good guitar does over time. Here are a few tips to keep the instrument clean:

Woodwork - Polish with a fine grade cutting agent, generally used in the car valeting industry (Not T-cut as it is too abrasive). Finish with Hand Glaze again used in Car Valeting. 3M is the brand we use.

Keys - Clean with a low % alcohol cleaner. Do not use house polish or water.

Plated parts - Polish with your breath and jeweler cleaning cloth or the cleaning cloth supplied with your Alpha.

Leather - We use the low % alcohol cleaner to wipe off marks but the key is you CANNOT rub hard as the leather will quickly damage under pressure. Leather is a natural material and therefore will become worn adding character over a period of time.

We use a clean cotton cloth in all cleaning apart from plated parts.