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The EigenD Contrib Repository

The EigenD Contrib Repository is a shared repository for Agents. You can find it at:

    git:// (read only)

If you have the latest EigenD installed, you should be able to build all the Agents in this repo.

Each Agent lives in its own directory. You should be able to build Agents individually by typing 'make' or './bld.cmd' in the Agent directory. You build all the Agents together by using 'make' or 'bld.cmd' at the top level.

If your Agent follows the structure used by the example agents in the EigenD-Example repo, it should drop right in.

EigenD-Example follows a similar structure, but contains example Agents.


Please follow these rules to help us all live together.

  1. The master branch is shared. You should merge your changes into this branch when you feel they are ready for prime time. Eigenlabs will keep the build system here up to date.

  2. Create branches of your own to work on your Agents. You should merge your working branches onto master when they are ready. You should probably keep up to date by merging master onto your branch.

  3. We generally feel that it will be best to use merge to pull changes to and from master. While rebase might be cleaner, it can get very confusing for git newbies, and introduces much more scope for disaster.

  4. Write access will only be granted to those who have signed the Eigenlabs Contributors Agreement. You also need to sign this agreement before we can accept patches.

Useful Git commands

A grab bag of useful git commands. Feel free to add whatever you find useful.

  1. See where you are. Type this a lot.

    git fetch --all
    git status
  2. Checkout the repository

    git clone (writeable)
    git clone git:// (read only)
  3. Update the master branch

    git checkout master
    git pull
  4. Create (and switch to) a branch

    git checkout master
    git checkout -b my_branch_name
  5. Pull changes from master onto my branch

    git checkout my_branch_name
    git merge master
  6. Pull changes from my branch to master

    git checkout master
    git merge my_branch_name
  7. Commit changes

    git add file.. file..  
    git add -A (add all changes)
    git status
    git commit
  8. Push my branch to the repo

    git push -u origin my_branch_name