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Data Transformer

Records and applies data transformation to change incoming reference data into linear interpolated normalized data. This can for instance be used calibrate pitch into normalized data for CV control.


  • Reference Input: Isochronous data that will be used as a reference for the normalized data that will be output. When calibration mode is running, the normalized input data is used together with the reference input data to record discrete data points that maps one to the other. When calibration mode isn't running, incoming reference data will use the stored calibration data to generate outgoing normalized data.

  • Normalized Input: Isochronous normalized data that will be used to record the relationship with reference data when the calibration mode is running. Outside of calibration mode, this input isn't used


  • Normalized Output: Isochronous data that is normalized based on the stored calibration data, using the incoming reference data. When calibration is running, no normalized data is output.


  • Calibrate: when set to on, the calibration data is cleared and recorded based on the incoming normalized and reference data. No output is generated when calibration is running. When set to off, the stored calibration relationship between the discrete normalized and reference data points is used to translate incoming reference data into normalized data to output.