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AudioUnit and VST Plugins In Use by Players

This is a list of AudioUnits, VSTs and libraries being successfully used within EigenD by various players. Thanks to all who have contributed to the list, we will all benefit.

Name Type(*) Web link $US Size Eigencompat.
Sound Generation
Aalto AU Madronalabs ? ?
Alchemy AU,VST Camel Audio ? PV+PA+PPB(1.5)
Anthology Spiritual Winds AU BellaD ? ?
B4 AU Native Instruments ? ?
Chromaphone AU Applied Acoustics Systems $199 ? PV
Diva AU,VST u-he ? PV+PA+PPB(?)+PM(?)
Garritan JABB AU,VST Garritan $150 2GB ?
Instant Orchestra AU,VST Garritan $150 2GB PV+Multi
Kontakt AU,VST Native Instruments ? PV+PA+Multi
Lounge Lizard EP-3 AU Applied Acoustics Systems $199 ? PV
LuSH-101 AU,VST D16 Group Audio Software $189 30 MB PV+PA+PPB(?)+PM(?)+Multi
Massive AU Native Instruments ? ?
Omnisphere AU,VST Spectrasonics $499 ? PV+PA+Multi
Pianoteq AU,VST Pianoteq ? PV+PPB+HM+HMV
Play by East/West AU Sounds Online ? PA+PV+Multi
PolyKB II AU Xils labs ? ?
Real Guitar AU MusicLab $249 ? ?
Sampled Landscapes AU BellaD ? ?
String Studio VS-1 AU Applied Acoustics Systems $199 ? PV
Strum Acoustic GS-1 AU Applied Acoustics Systems $199 ? PV
Strum Electric GS-1 AU Applied Acoustics Systems $199 ? PV
Trilian AU,VST Spectrasonics $299 ? PV+PA+Multi
Zebra2 AU,VST u-he ? PV+PA
Tassman 4 AU,VST Applied Acoustics Systems $349 ? PV+PA
Ultra Analog VA-1 AU Applied Acoustics Systems $199 ? PV
Saurus AU Tone2 ? ?
iDrums AU iZotope ? Some problems
Stylus RMX AU,VST Spectrasonics $399 ? PV+PA+Multi
Aether AU 2CAudio ? ?
Breeze AU 2CAudio ? ?
Guitar Rig Pro AU Native Instruments ? ?
Uhbik AU,VST u-he ? ?
XResonance AU Music Unfolding ? ?
Audio Damage plugins AU Audio Damage ? No presets

(*) most plugins are available as AU and VST. AU/VST means that it was specifically tested with that plugin type with EigenD (VST means: also tested with Windows unless stated otherwise)


Polyphony/Midi Support (Poor: PV, Basic:PV+PA, Good: PV+PA+PPB, Very Good: PV+PA+PPB+PM, Optimal: PV+PA+PPB+PM+HM+HMV):

  • PV: Polyphonic Velocity (if this is not supported then it's a mono synth or one that does not support velocity sensitive playing - e.g. an organ simulation etc.)

  • PA: Polyphonic Aftertouch

  • PPB: Polyphonic (per channel) Pitch Bend

  • PM: Polyphonic (per channel) CC Modulation (Continuous Controllers like Modulation, Expression, Volume etc.)

  • Multi: Polyphonic Pitch Bend and CC Modulation can be achieved by using multitimbral features (down side: patch has to be saved and loaded several times before it can be tested polyphonically what makes sound design more difficult) => native PPB+PM support is better but it works that way, too

  • HM: High Resolution Midi: supports 14 bit resolution

  • HMV: High Resolution Midi velocity: supports 14 bit MIDI note velocity

  • (V): planned in version V / (?) planned in an unspecified update => the developer announced support / speculated about adding these features in public

The GB size column is intended to be in GB, installed size. This should give you some idea of how much you're getting for the money, and how much space you will need to install it.

Plugin descriptions


Fantastic sounds, supports poly touch. Models a Buchla modular synth.


Fantastic sounding algorithmic reverb

Anthology Spiritual Winds

Made for or Kontakt. Ethnic wind instruments. Keyswitched articulations.


Fantastic sounding algorithmic reverb


Currently one of the most convincing analog synth simulations; very CPU hungry (fast multicore CPU recommended for polyphonic playing).

Garritan JABB

Uses Mod (CC1) for volume of blown instrs. and strings. Some keyswitching.

Guitar Rig Pro

Extremely versatile effects and audio tools, not just guitar amp simulations.

Sampled Landscapes

For Kontakt, Cinematic / Atmospheric many individual sounds plus playable multis


Many effects: reverb, echo, flange, others


Add sympathetic strings to any sound