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Developers: wxPython update - aka resurrection of EigenBrowser/Commander

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written by: MarkPowell

Happy to help on the Mac version if I can Mark. Drop me a note on G+ if you have something for me to test as I'm not on here very often.

written by: TheTechnobear

Sat, 16 Apr 2016 22:04:01 +0100 BST

Is anyone interested in helping me update EigenD to use the latest wxPython,

the goal is to get it back on to something that is supported, and actually being developer.
Im hoping the first major benefit will be getting EigenBrowser/Commander working properly again on Mac OSX (its been broken on the latest OSX , since 10.8?)

status so far...

the current version of wxPython being used, is very old ... which means the version of wxWidgets its interfacing is equally old... and is not being updated, and is hence the troubles of Mac OSX.

however, wxPython is still being developed, with a a replacement called "Phoenix".

Ive so far build wx phoenix, and I can now start both EigenBrowser and EigenCommander with it...

however, there is still a bit of work to do on it, hence asking for others to perhaps help!

its 'reasonably simple' stuff... basically the Phoenix API is different in places, normally this would be trivial to fix, but unfortunately with python you dont get compilation issues (arghh!!!) it fails at runtime, and sometimes these runtime failures just abort the app (EigenBrowser/Commander)

The good news, is I think Ive done the hardest bit, initialisation (as here errors, given no warnings or anything it just dies) , so I think the next stage is tracking down weird behaviour, which will be down to api changes.

the other good news, is finding errors in one app, tends to mean you can easily kill the same error in the other, since the two apps share alot in common.

anyway, I think its worth getting these apps working again... and although there was talk of rewrites in C++/Juce, frankly that looks unlikely. ... so better to expend a bit of effort here I think.

I cannot promise that wxpython/phoenix will fix issues, as its not even in beta yet... but at least it puts EigenD in a place where its on actively developed software.

so any volunteers? you obviously need dev experience, preferably know how to build EigenD, and possibly a bit of python (but i dont know/like python much, and I'm getting by ;))

If not, then it will take some time... as I dont even use EigenBrowser/Commander, so this really is being done, just because I think its 'the right thing to do'... and I dont want to see EigenD die, piece by piece due to operating system changes.

ps. to release this, I will need the runtime build source files, so I can adapt them to take the new wxpython,
this Ive requested a few times now directly from John... so hopefully one day this will happen.

written by: Abhoth

Mon, 18 Apr 2016 07:46:03 +0100 BST

If this can be worked on in Windows I'd like to help out. I'm a C/C++ person with limited spare time and no python knowledge whatsoever. But I can probably at least spend a weekend or two on this if that is enough time for a useful contribution.

written by: TheTechnobear

Mon, 18 Apr 2016 18:13:34 +0100 BST

Thanks, much appreciated.

Id like to concentrate on the Mac OSX build first, simply because Ive but wxPython/Phoenix for it already... so I need to set up a windows env to do that. (whereas with the Mac, I can just supply someone the binaries)

perhaps once I have the Mac version running, you can help ensure its working on Windows. ... its cross-platform so it should work, but its not unknown for there to be platform issues ;)

written by: Abhoth

Wed, 20 Apr 2016 08:36:48 +0100 BST

Ok, sounds good. As you know I just got a mac as well. Currently I just run EigenD and MainStage on that and do everything else on the PC. But if helping out on a mac is what is needed I can try to get set up on that, too.

written by: MarkPowell

Sat, 23 Apr 2016 14:47:02 +0100 BST

Happy to help on the Mac version if I can Mark. Drop me a note on G+ if you have something for me to test as I'm not on here very often.

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