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Developers: new belcanto words

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written by: carvingCode

These could also come in handy for naming setups.

written by: TheTechnobear

Wed, 3 Jul 2013 09:41:59 +0100 BST

for my ableton agent it would be very useful if you could add the following belcanto words to the lexicon for the forthcoming release


perhaps your not keen on adding 'trade name' but I think live, also has a general music context like practice/rehersal

solo, im not sure if should be a noun or verb, perhaps both
(i.e. a track can be solo'd, but you want to also make it solo)


written by: geert

Wed, 3 Jul 2013 10:03:27 +0100 BST

You can add your own lexicon words with your agent, check my Leap agent as an example:

They are probably all nouns since you'd say:

live track 1 to solo set


live track 1 to solo un set

Where set and un set are the verbs that already exist

written by: TheTechnobear

Wed, 3 Jul 2013 12:05:25 +0100 BST

Yeah, Id seen this.
but I thought perhaps these were more general terms (perhaps not Live) that could go in the main lexicon - and I thought John wanted to control the lexicon a bit.
But your of course correct, I can do this in the meantime.

BTW, at some point can we discuss the EigenD-Contrib repo.
Im not too keen to put stuff into it, for a few reasons:
a) some of the code is not maintained, and is too much like demo/example quality i.e unfinished, published with wrong name
b) it doesn't 'just build', if fails due to external library dependencies
c) you have to build everything (make (b) a big issue)

hope this doesn't come across as 'funny', i completely understand the issues of (b)
its just as a software developer, these are the kind of things I hate... so at present Id me more tempted to keep in my own repo, but thats a pity as I think a shared repo is a good idea.
Id improve build tools to address b,c but unfortunately i don't know anything about Scons, I only know make, ant and maven ;o)
anyway, I think at present I will probably just fork, EigenD-Contrib, and delete all except tools.
( currently Ive got my agent in an EigenD fork, as I have an issue getting to things like lib_lo from EigenD-Contrib, and I dont want the agent to use a separate copy - arghh!)

written by: john

Wed, 3 Jul 2013 12:23:39 +0100 BST

I've added these words into the main lexicon, they all look useful and I don't think they are specific to your Agent at all. I've made 'Live' and 'Track' nouns and given them 3 note words as I think they're likely to be generally handy, but I've made 'Solo' a verb as I think it's not a status but an action and it ought to really be able to be used in that way (sorry to disagree with you Geert :)). You should make sure to implement it correctly to make sure this works in the right way. I thing Solo is likely to be very useful in time, so I've given this a two note encoding, one of the few left.

Live: 2 4 6
Track: 2 4 7

Solo: 8 1

This is now pushed to the 2.1 branch.


written by: geert

Wed, 3 Jul 2013 12:42:26 +0100 BST

Sure, was just a thought since Stage and Workbench have no direct support (yet) for custom verbs. If state changes are done by changing values of atoms through the set/un set verbs, the Stage and Workbench UI come for free.

written by: john

Wed, 3 Jul 2013 13:36:05 +0100 BST

Good point, and it would make sense to be able to use Stage to add solo buttons to things. I've changed it it to a noun and moved it's note assignment to something slightly less handy.

Solo: 3 1 3


written by: carvingCode

Wed, 3 Jul 2013 14:44:58 +0100 BST

These could also come in handy for naming setups.

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