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EigenD is the operating software needed to use an Eigenharp and is available in two versions, EigenD and EigenD Pro.

Buying EigenD gives you access to unlimited updates for the update period you have purchased, including the current Experimental and Testing versions of the software. EigenD Pro includes the advanced configuration tool, Workbench along with EigenD itself.

When you buy your instrument, one years updates to EigenD are included in the purchase price. You can purchase EigenD Pro here.

Upgrading from EigenD to EigenD Pro

If you already own EigenD, and have some time left on your updates, you can get a discount against EigenD Pro by buying an Upgrade. When you buy an Upgrade, you will be credited for the remaining time on your existing agreement. The existing agreement will be cancelled.

If you return to this page after logging in, you will see how much rebate would apply to an EigenD Pro Upgrade