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VU Meter

This agent takes audio in, calculates the RMS of the signal and outputs LED status values suitable for displaying as a bar-like VU meter.


  • Audio In : can take many audio inputs into the single port. The RMS is calculated as the average RMS of the combined signals (NB. it's not additive - should it be?)


  • light out : suitable for plumbing into kgroup/keyboard 'light input'


  • size : the number of keys to be used to display the VU meter : default 5
  • signal threshold : (dB) signal present level/green. default : -40
  • high threshold : (dB) signal high level/orange. default: -6
  • clip threshold : (dB) signal clip level/red. default: -1
  • clip hold : (seconds) seconds to hold the red light if the signal clips. default 5

Example Wiring

You will need to attach VU meter via a kgroup as shown image:example-vu-meter-wiring.png