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Eigenharp Pico Breath Pipe

This page helps you get the most out of your Pico breath pipe.

General Maintenance

  • As with any other instrument that you blow into, it is very important that you clean out your breath pipe regularly, in order to give you the optimum performance for your instrument.
  • We recommend that you clean out your breath pipe (correct procedure detailed below) as a minimum at the end of each playing session to ensure best performance.

What to do if you have problems with your breath pipe

In common with all wind instruments, your breath pipe can become blocked with spit when played. This usually happens if you've been playing for a while (a couple of hours) but can happen at any time. There are two pipes within the tube, the air bypass and the sensor pipe. You will know when the bypass becomes blocked as you will not be able to blow through the mouthpiece. A sharp exhalation through the mouthpiece is usually enough to clear this. If the sensor part of the tube becomes blocked you will notice as the breath pipe becomes less sensitive, or sticks on. Then you should follow the procedure below to clear it:

1. Remove the breath pipe from your Eigenharp Pico. It should come away quite easily with a quick pull:


2. Cover the bottom hole of the breath pipe with your thumb and blow hard into the mouthpiece. Any excess spit will come out of the two small holes between the rubber rings at the bottom of the breath pipe:


3. Thoroughly clean the entire breath pipe and mouthpiece with a clean soft cloth and re-assemble your Pico.


The cleaning procedure is now complete. If you are still having problems please contact Customer Support via the support contact page.