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User Fingerings

The current User Fingering file can be found in your Library/Eigenlabs/Fingerer on MacOS or in My Documents/Eigenlabs/Fingerer on Windows.

Every time you change or reset the current fingering in any Fingerer this file is re-read and and all changes, with the exception of adding a new fingering, are evaluated. Errors in the file format will usually give you a pop up box with a message of varying degrees of usefulness - sometimes it will identify the line where you have made an error and other times it may get this wrong. It does it's best. If you make an error is this file, all the fingerings from it will be discarded after the warning is displayed.

If you add a new fingering name then you must restart EigenD before this will be correctly noticed. After you have added the name you can edit and modify that fingering while EigenD is running.

You can see a copy of the current User Fingering file here: link:User Fingerings.txt