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Pico MIDI (requires EigenD 1.4.7 or later)

This is a custom setup for the Eigenharp Pico that directly connects the playing keys to a MIDI output. There are also two keys that are configured as three-dimensional MIDI CC controllers where each axis sends out data to a dedicated CC number.

Through the Routing Matrix, the MIDI mappings can be easily configured and it comes with a number of useful default mappings.

The topmost switches are configured to decrease or increase the tonic and bottom switches to the same for the octave.

The Stage tab allows control over the scale, tonic, octave, MIDI channels, velocity control and pitch bend.

image:Pico MIDI Stage.png

You can download the setup from here:


After unzipping the setup, you have to move the file 'pico 3 ~ MIDI' to the setups directory that corresponds to the version of EigenD that you're running. For instance, if you're using EigenD 1.4.7, the directory will be '/Users/youruser/Library/Eigenlabs/1.4.7-testing/setups' on MacOSX and 'C:\Users\youruser\Documents\Eigenlabs\1.4.7-testing\setups' on Windows.

If you're interested in how this setup was built using Belcanto, you can download the scripts from Pico MIDI From Scratch.